X-Creation Q&ACategory: Anker SoundcoreHow long does it take to fully charge Anker Soundcore Trance?
jmchapy asked 9 months ago

How long does it take to fully charge Anker Soundcore Trance?

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X-Creation Staff answered 9 months ago

The Anker Soundcore Trance is a portable Bluetooth speaker that features a rechargeable battery. Like any other battery-powered device, it requires charging to operate. The charging time of the Soundcore Trance is an important factor to consider, as users will want to know how long it takes to fully charge the device before using it.

According to the manufacturer, the Soundcore Trance takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge. This is a relatively standard charging time for portable Bluetooth speakers of this size and capacity. However, it is worth noting that the actual charging time may vary depending on factors such as the type of charger being used and the current battery level of the device.

The Soundcore Trance comes with a USB-C charging cable and a power adapter. The power adapter is rated at 10W, which is sufficient to charge the device in a reasonable amount of time. The USB-C charging cable is also compatible with other USB-C chargers, which can be useful if users have multiple devices that use the same type of charging cable.

It is important to note that the Soundcore Trance also features a fast-charging mode. When the device is low on battery, users can switch to fast-charging mode to quickly charge the device and get it up and running. In fast-charging mode, the Soundcore Trance can be charged to 50% capacity in just 1 hour, which is useful when users need to use the device for a short period of time and don't have time for a full charge.

In summary, the Anker Soundcore Trance takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge using the included power adapter and USB-C charging cable. The device also features a fast-charging mode that can charge the device to 50% capacity in just 1 hour.

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