X-Creation Q&ACategory: Anker SoundcoreCan the Anker Soundcore Motion Q be used as a speakerphone?
sgermann100 asked 8 months ago

Can the Anker Soundcore Motion Q be used as a speakerphone?

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X-Creation Staff answered 8 months ago

Yes, the Anker Soundcore Motion Q can be used as a speakerphone. The device has a built-in microphone that allows users to take calls and use the speaker as a hands-free device. This feature is especially useful for those who use the speaker in a home or office setting.

To use the Soundcore Motion Q as a speakerphone, you need to pair it with your smartphone or other mobile device via Bluetooth. Once the device is connected, you can use the speaker to make and receive calls. When a call comes in, the speaker will emit a ringtone, and you can answer the call by pressing the button on the speaker's top panel.

During a call, the Soundcore Motion Q's built-in microphone will pick up your voice, allowing you to speak to the caller without holding your phone. The device's 360-degree sound technology ensures that your voice is clear and audible, even if you are not standing directly in front of the speaker.

Additionally, the Soundcore Motion Q has a noise-canceling feature that helps to eliminate background noise and improve call quality. This feature is especially useful in noisy environments, such as busy offices or crowded public places.

Overall, the Soundcore Motion Q's speakerphone feature is a useful addition to its already impressive set of features. It allows users to take calls hands-free, improving their productivity and making it easier to stay connected while on the go. Additionally, the device's noise-canceling technology and 360-degree sound ensure that users can hear and be heard clearly, even in challenging environments.

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